Vengeance Rising

An unique experience in Virtual Reality

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Vengeance Rising is the ultimate puzzle game made for VR

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User Guide

  • Download the game 64-bit | 32-bit
  • Plug in the Oculus Rift
  • Run VengeanceRising.exe
  • Have a nice experience!

User Objective

Solve the puzzles which await you in the mysterious old mansion in the woods. Explore the mansion, collect clues and items and find hidden pathways to clear the game! Will you be able to reveal the truth?


Use WASD to move and turn
Gaze on objects to interact with them
Look around with your oculus rift to experience the place in your virtual reality.

In-game captures

Made by

Rodson Chue Le Sheng

Michael Novén

Stefan Schroth

James Spicer

Scott Yap Zheng Mou

Brendan Yong